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Atlantis Reborn

This one goes back to 2013, where it was posted on my first blog The Anti-Social Typist. I had the chance to participate in some collaborative writing exercises, and the theme my partner and I chose was Arthurian Legend. I sadly did not keep my writing partner’s half, but I had so much fun with it that I put my contribution on an image that I found on Pixabay–I think it captures the sense of a mythological island rising from the depths of stormy ancient seas.

Though the Arthurian Legends are hardly associated with Atlantis, my partner and I came up with the idea of what if Merlin/Myrddin and Morgana/Morrigan were long slumbering magical, mythical beings reawakened with Atlantis Reborn. Of course, such a universe shattering event required the most purple of prose.

Background Image by Hans from Pixabay

Experimental Fiction

Image by Chris Martin from Pixabay

Many years ago, I completed the Fiction Writing Certificate at the UCLA Extension online. One of the classes I took was in Experimental Fiction. It was meant to teach writers how to think outside the box and ignore the traditional rules. There were few conventions we had to follow, and it was a fun, freeing experience.

It was during this course that I came up with a character I called The Chronicler of Symphonies. My idea was to create an omnipresent voice that oversaw and commented on the lives in the stories I’d created. Not a God or Deity, but the voice of a collective conscious, or perhaps even the higher self of the characters I invented.

As a prologue to each story, the Chronicler would speak through something I called “Prose Snapshots” that were written onto an image meant to convey the essence of the Chronicler’s inner thoughts, as he or she, watched the events of a life on Earth unfold.

I hadn’t looked at the snapshots for some time but finding them again has inspired me to return to this Experimental Fiction project. I’ll start by posting the images to their own category and add the story that belongs to each as I edit and finish them over the coming months.