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I Wish…

I Wish…

I admire people who are passionate about their beliefs. Passion motivates us to keep moving forward so that we can become wiser, more compassionate, and use that knowledge to make the world a better place. Being passionate about something means investing all our time, energy, and focus on achieving what we want most, which is why being wrong can feel like failure instead of what it really is—progress.

Truth is personal. Truth evolves. Wanting to be right is understandable. Refusing to accept that you might not be, isn’t. So, to my fellow keyboard warriors I say, practice tolerance and listen with respect.

When There Are No Words

Writers use language to paint a picture, spark ideas, and evoke emotions, hoping to enrapture their readers and feeling enormous pride when they succeed, often after struggling for days or weeks to find just the right word or turn of phrase. However, every now and then something comes along to remind us there are times when no words could ever adequately describe the intricacies of human emotion…sometimes we just need to feel it.

For me, watching this clip was one of those moments. Enjoy.