Atlantis Reborn

This one goes back to 2013, where it was posted on my first blog The Anti-Social Typist. I had the chance to participate in some collaborative writing exercises, and the theme my partner and I chose was Arthurian Legend. I sadly did not keep my writing partner’s half, but I had so much fun with it that I put my contribution on an image that I found on Pixabay–I think it captures the sense of a mythological island rising from the depths of stormy ancient seas.

Though the Arthurian Legends are hardly associated with Atlantis, my partner and I came up with the idea of what if Merlin/Myrddin and Morgana/Morrigan were long slumbering magical, mythical beings reawakened with Atlantis Reborn. Of course, such a universe shattering event required the most purple of prose.

Background Image by Hans from Pixabay

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