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Atlantis Reborn

This one goes back to 2013, where it was posted on my first blog The Anti-Social Typist. I had the chance to participate in some collaborative writing exercises, and the theme my partner and I chose was Arthurian Legend. I sadly did not keep my writing partner’s half, but I had so much fun with it that I put my contribution on an image that I found on Pixabay–I think it captures the sense of a mythological island rising from the depths of stormy ancient seas.

Though the Arthurian Legends are hardly associated with Atlantis, my partner and I came up with the idea of what if Merlin/Myrddin and Morgana/Morrigan were long slumbering magical, mythical beings reawakened with Atlantis Reborn. Of course, such a universe shattering event required the most purple of prose.

Background Image by Hans from Pixabay

Experimental Fiction

Image by Chris Martin from Pixabay

Many years ago, I completed the Fiction Writing Certificate at the UCLA Extension online. One of the classes I took was in Experimental Fiction. It was meant to teach writers how to think outside the box and ignore the traditional rules. There were few conventions we had to follow, and it was a fun, freeing experience.

It was during this course that I came up with a character I called The Chronicler of Symphonies. My idea was to create an omnipresent voice that oversaw and commented on the lives in the stories I’d created. Not a God or Deity, but the voice of a collective conscious, or perhaps even the higher self of the characters I invented.

As a prologue to each story, the Chronicler would speak through something I called “Prose Snapshots” that were written onto an image meant to convey the essence of the Chronicler’s inner thoughts, as he or she, watched the events of a life on Earth unfold.

I hadn’t looked at the snapshots for some time but finding them again has inspired me to return to this Experimental Fiction project. I’ll start by posting the images to their own category and add the story that belongs to each as I edit and finish them over the coming months.


NiAD 10th Anniversary Edition

NiAD 10th Anniversary Edition

Novel in a Day is an annual event that usually takes place in October. However, to mark the tenth anniversary, we were given the opportunity to collaborate on an extra edition by re-visiting the very first NiAD, The Dark.

One of the things I love about participating in NiAD is having no idea what the story is about, apart from the details given to me in my chapter brief of course! This time, however, we had the original story that was created in 2011 and that created a whole new experience.

The tradition of NiAD is akin to creating a series of short stories that share some elements of character and plot, but the sky is the limit on how those are implemented into each chapter. In this version, I did write my chapter with the overall plot and ending in mind, but it was a lot of fun to see how many of my fellow writers did something completely unexpected and different. That is perhaps the best thing about this  special edition of NiAD…being surprised when you already know how the story ends!

As always, the NiAD completed editions are available on the Literature and Latte forum for free to read and download. If you do visit, be sure and check out all the great content and Scrivener information via the forum and the L&L main product website.

Happy writing and reading!

Click here to download a free copy of The Dark: 10th Anniversary Edition

NiAD 9 1/2: Special Edition

Novel in a Day normally runs once a year, but because of the pandemic lockdown, a smaller version was run in April 2020.

Click here to download a FREE copy of The District!

This novella was written on April 4th, 2020, by me and my fellow NiAD collaborators. Seven versions were created due to overwhelming interest, and as always, it was incredibly fun!

NiAD 9th Edition

NiAD 9th Edition

The 9th edition of Novel in a Day was written on October 19, 2019, and it was my second time participating under the penname E. Kinna.

It was just as much fun (and stress!) as the first time, and the talent of my fellow writers is amazing.

Click here to download a FREE copy of Butterfly Dawn!

There were three versions of this novel compiled, each with a totally different feel even though the overall plot remained the same. My fellow collaborators and I worked hard over 24 hours to create our individual chapters. It’s amazing how it all comes together!

NiAD (Novel in a Day) 8th Edition

NiAD (Novel in a Day) 8th Edition

This was my first time participating in NiAD under the penname E. Kinna. Novel in a Day is an annual collaborative writing event sponsored by Literature and Latte, the creators of Scrivener.

Click here download and read Auld Lang Syne for free:

This story was written in one day by me and my fellow NiAD participants, and it was tons of fun! Copies can be dowloaded for FREE in PDF, mobi, or ePub formats.