I hope you’ll find something interesting or even mildly amusing here, but hmm…I feel it’s only fair to warn you that I’m not sure how much a ‘blog’ it’s going to be considering my writing skills and ideas tend to be inconsistent at best, so let’s just call it my newfangled way of keeping track of all the ideas, cool links, and information on various topics I find interesting.

Sadly, as a lifelong researcher addicted to learning about all things curious, bizarre, and irrelevant who can’t even manage a web browser’s bookmark list capabilities properly, I have a terrifying mess of links, documents, articles etc., scattered all over the place.  Here’s hoping that this latest scheme of mine to create a personal website will turn out to be a miracle cure for my embarrassing lack of basic organizational skills!

Also, I’m currently enrolled in the UCLA Extension Writer’s Program, and one course away from completing the Fiction Writing Certificate. I’ve posted my reviews of the classes I’ve completed, because I was frustrated by the lack of student reviews online. If that’s what brought you to my blog, I hope you find them helpful!

3 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Thank you for following and I am going to enjoy your site, come back often. Ann

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