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Well, Trump’s escalating global trade war has had one benefit in Canada at least, and that is to shine a light on how low the official opposition is willing to go to pander to their base.

On a day when citizens and leaders across Canada, and indeed around the globe, are uniting to fight Trump’s illegal tariffs against the USA’s closest allies, what does dear CPC leader do? Why, he spends the day posting attack ads blaming Prime Minister Trudeau for failing Canadian workers! Yay, because, that’ll help!

Le sigh…

But, that’s just politics, right? Yeah, well allow me to point out that Mr. Andrew Scheer has repeatedly refused, and continues to refuse, to explain how he could do it better. The kicker? The Canadian NAFTA Advisory Council includes CPC members , and even Brian Mulroney, the former CPC Prime Minister who negotiated the original agreement, has served as a consultant. Thus, there is zero excuse for Mr. Scheer to be so evasive. His party has in no way been kept out of the loop.

Look, I get that politics is highly partisan and the opposition is pretty much expected to bash the governing party to score points with the electorate. What I take issue with is the idea that bombarding us with hyperbolic attack ads devoid of evidence-based reasoning and alternatives to go along with their criticism, is good enough—that just by saying the current government is bad, is somehow irrefutable proof they’d do a better job.

Sorry, it doesn’t (or shouldn’t) work that way. Not only is it insulting to voters, but it’s a clear sign that they have no idea what to do—it’s pathetic really. Being an oppositional brat doesn’t get my teenage kid what he wants, and it shouldn’t reward a lazy opposition leader either.

What alarms me about Andrew Scheer’s reactions on social media today, is that it shows he’s more interested in putting his party before the best interests of the country. Being a leader requires a thorough grasp of nuance, and Scheer has shown me today that he doesn’t have even a tenuous thread of a grasp. What scares me about the future of Canadian Politics, is that it’s becoming ever more Trumpian, i.e., where partisan hyperbole and ranting without substance, will be the new normal.

What I would like to ask Mr. Scheer is this: What is so bad about standing behind our government during so critical a time? Why is putting aside the nasty rhetoric and finding common ground so we can all be on the same page, so unpalatable to you? Why do you not see the value in presenting a strong, united front as we fight against an ever more irrational Trump Administration? Many of your CPC party members are doing just that, so why can’t their leader? I just don’t get it.

In the wise words of my father, “To condemn Trudeau because he couldn’t avoid dealing with a madman, is the same as blaming a murder victim for not having the foresight to avoid being killed by a mentally disturb killer.”