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So, if I set aside the questionable odds of actually accomplishing this monumental task, it turns out creating the history and mythology for a fictional race of beings is an unexpected treat. How liberating it is to let the deeper, philosophical me run wild with impunity.

Most of my friends (bless their kind, patient souls) accept that I love to write lengthy diatribes and abstract verbosities, but alas, this style does not work well in genre fiction. However! I may have found a place for it within a mythological backstory. I’ve been working on a novel that requires a lot of world building. As many writers know only to well, what seems like an exciting idea while brainstorming can quickly spiral out of control. True to form, mine’s become more than a little daunting when I sit down and see all the branches sprouting out of the outline. Needless to say, I’m struggling to keep it manageable and flesh it out properly.

Lucky for me I just happen to be taking an Experimental Fiction class (which is fantastic by the way), and I had an idea. Since the whole point of the class is to break the rules and write a story in a non-conventional way, with non-conventional structure and characters, I thought why not write it from the POV of a religious/philosophical guru espousing the philosophies of a made up myth? I can be as bizarre and esoteric as I want, in fact it’s encouraged, and maybe by the end of it I’ll have a solid backstory to use as inspiration for the main story. Time will tell. I’ve had mixed feedback about my ideas so far, which I’m taking as a good sign because philosophy and religion are inherently polarizing. I figure the fictional kind should be no different, right?

As I go along, I’ll probably post more philosophical nuggets like the one below, because it’s wicked fun inventing a system of ideology and culture for an entire civilization. I can mould them all into whatever I choose. Their lives shall take shape according to my whims and wishes, and nobody can tell me I’m a bad Omnipotent, nobody! Oh the power!