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I WON!!!!!


Of course I did.

Before I continue, we shall pause for the requisite eye roll.

Done? Good, me too. Now let’s have an extra one for the WTFery of the Nano graphics this year. Seriously, did you see ’em? It’s a nod to our humble digital beginnings, and a total FAIL. In selecting my lovely blog image, I had to choose between crap, crappy, and sweet Jesus were the graphics people on crack? PacMan 1980 was better than this crap! Pfft, I feel cheated…no slick Nano Winner gloat banner to plaster all over Facebook so my friends get to eye roll right along with us.

OK, ok…the point of this rant…I promised I’d update once Nano was over, and while there’s still a few days left until November 30th, I have submitted my 50,000+ words and been declared a winner. Yay for me…blah, blah and all that.

Did I really write that many words in 25 days? Yes. Did I write 50k worth of a novel or even a decent story? Oh hell no! In fact, I’d say ninety percent of what I wrote is utter tripe I’d be too embarrassed to read aloud to my dogs. Seriously…it’s bad…like turn mortified red and want the ground to open up and swallow me if anyone read it bad.  But hey, I wrote!

Actually, it was worth it just to see my darling husband perplexed as to the point of it all. It’s because I really didn’t care about any sort of validation, I just had a bit of fun writing around 1500 words of whatever every day. I didn’t bother explaining it to him though because he’s a logical, practical, doesn’t like wasting time kind of guy. He just added it to his ever-growing list of my amusing quirks anyway. Good place for it really.

Now, this is a very self-indulgent rambling but please don’t think I’m belittling Nano and my fellow participants because I’m not, promise. It just amuses me to no end how many people take it as deathly serious, make or break, a milestone to judge their worth as a writer. It’s a bit mind boggling to me given I tend not to take myself too seriously and that includes the wacky things I get myself into.

Basically, since I always felt the shame that comes from being a wanna be writer who could never manage to keep a diary, I looked on it as a challenge to see if I could consistently sit down and write whatever came to mind without worrying about its potential value or lack thereof. As such, I got out of it exactly what I wanted, and I’m happy. Plus, it gives me something to blog about and I get to be all self-righteous in my judgement of others. Bonus!

Again, it’s all in good fun and tongue in cheek. It’s just that in my Nano forums and Facebook travels, I came across so many people who appeared to be doing it for the love of angst that comes from imagining and anticipating failure. Personally, I think that kind of moaning and whining smacks of passive aggressive attention seeking, and it grates on my nerves. However, rather than repeat opinionated opinions already espoused, I shall refer back to my first post at the start of Nanowrimo where I said if some of these people complaining all the time about what they can’t do, would put that much effort into writing something, anything, then they’d have made the 50k in no time.

Any who, it’s all over for me and for everyone else in a few days. The blessed social networking silence shall begin! Woot!

Now I get into the really interesting part…how long will I keep up my daily 1500 word habit? Hmm…prior years it’s been about a week, two if I’m lying. Bah…who am I kidding? I give it four days tops!