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Before ya’ll roll your eyes at stumbling on yet another blog mentioning this overhyped annual event, know that The Cheeky One has already done it for you…often.

Now, just so we’re clear, I AM participating again this year under the pen name xastasia (don’t ask, no logic, no point) so please feel free to buddy me if you’re attempting the craziness. However, make no mistake, I think a lot of the hoopla surrounding National Novel Writing Month is ridiculous. No one can escape the cult of Nano…NO ONE! Not even me…believe me, I’ve tried…for years…yes, it’s sad.

However, despite the lovely Nano website banner urging otherwise, I shall resist delusions of grandeur. I am quite happy to acknowledge the world DOES NOT need my novel and nobody will perish sans my Magnum Opus…no matter how good I may think it is.

For the past few weeks, my Facebook and twitter feeds have been plastered with enough November Novel writing insanity to make the Candy Crush developers green with envy. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m the last person to begrudge anyone finding writing inspiration, and I get a kick out of it every year, but the disproportionate focus on the agony of worry over not making projected word counts versus actually writing…well…it just seems to me that a pretty vocal majority are missing the point.

Anywho, it’s really none of my damn business why someone chooses to join in or not, but now that November 1st is here, the number of people already lamenting their lack of words first day has me shaking my head. Honestly, if they just put all their posts bitching, moaning, and/or their giddy chatter about it all, they’d hit that 50k word count in like a week…I am not kidding.

There! My long overdue bitch rant, and it’ll probably have to hold me over the whole month depending on how far into my cave I crawl while juggling this with my UCLA course, the job, the kid, the husband, the dogs, the cat… Sounds beyond stupid yes? Well no worries, I am keeping it all in perspective and I promise you’ll never see a single post from me whining about how I can’t write 1667 words a day. Know why? Because I am CHOOSING to do this…nobody’s holding a friggin’ gun to my head! Besides, who the hell cares whether I win some contest that really has no meaning beyond personal achievement? I’d be shocked if even my darling husband did…not that he’d admit it. He’s been married to me too long to not think that’s wily female trap waiting to happen.

Oh! Before I forget, you did know that this contest so many hold in high esteem can be won by submitting 50,000 words of pure gibberish, right? Of course, that’s Nano blasphemy, and given you don’t win anything beyond a winner’s avatar and some coupon codes for software you don’t need, it’d be pretty dumb and shallow, but I’m just sayin’…it’s all a bit silly and meaningless outside the individual experience.

So, enough of my self-serving blather! Go forth and Nano! I’ll report back on my success or failure with a healthy dose of satire at the end of the month.

Good luck and let the 30 day countdown to the blessed NanoWriMo Social networking silence begin!