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OK, I’m…ticked off…peeved…angry…basically, I’m offended by one company’s assumption their consumers are stupid.

JugoJuice…real fruit smoothies…seems harmless right? The boy (my darling little ray of sunshine) wanted to stop at the new ice cream place on our way home to try a smoothie, so why the hell not?! It’s summer! Woot! Frozen treats…BRING.IT.ON.!

HOWEVER, they only sell one size, and when we get in the car, I notice mine has a little label slapped on it with nutritional info (the boy’s didn’t have anything)…I nearly choked on the giant, delicious sip of icy, fruity goodness I’d just slugged back. 80 grams of carbs which equals about 70 grams of sugar! WTF? Who EVER needs that much sugar in one drink? Jesus H. Christ…sheesh!

Yeah, yeah…I know, it’s not the end of the world, and I do try not to be a self-righteous, sugar Nazi aka the “No Fun Bitch Mom from Hell” kids hate, but these companies seriously need to rethink the items they’re marketing to children. Yeah, yeah, I should have checked it before if it gets my panties in a bunch, but hey, I’m willing to overlook a bit more sugar when it’s an occasional treat. However, I’m sorry, in this case the amount is obscene. The daily recommended intake for an ADULT is between 25-30 grams PER DAY for Christ’s sake!

What really pissed me off to no end though, was when I saw they only report the carbs on their labels, not the sugar grams. Hmm…if it’s no big deal and OH SO healthy, why then do they make you go to their cheery heath conscious espousing website to find that little tidbit. Sorry, but I think it’s because they’re hoping people are too stupid to know the two are basically the same thing, or that those who do think to check labels will forget to check it later when they’re able to get online. Shameful, sneaky, sugar pushing bastards!

The Cheeky One is NOT impressed.