OK, so perhaps “war” is a wee exaggeration, but everybody knows how incredible it feels when an idea or inspiration dawns; the excitement and adrenaline pulse through your entire body because it is so easy to visualize how it can all work out and change your life.  For me personally, I can feel my soul celebrating the “AH YES THIS IS WHAT I NEED TO DO” epiphany that I just had.  People who are truly happy and fulfilled in life are able to take these ideas or epiphanies and make them a reality, or they at least try until the next inspiration takes over. If however, you are like me (God help you), fear soon replaces the euphoria and beats it with a harsh reality stick until your soul screams, “CRAP, PARTY OVER”!  Excitement and adrenaline are now duly replaced by apathy and self-loathing, soothed by a large serving of whatever cheese is in the fridge. So I have to ask why do I, and so many other people, find it difficult or impossible to do follow our dreams?

First let me define success, because I don’t believe it has anything to do with money. Yes money can give you financial freedom and a pretty nice lifestyle if that’s your dream, but I cannot and will not believe it is guaranteed to make every individual truly happy.  No, for me success means taking the risks to do what you love, following your heart and living out your dreams. It’s no coincidence that an overwhelming number of the richest people in the world never set out to make millions, it is simply a by-product of doing what they love. It is also no coincidence that some of the happiest people have hardly any money or material things, but they are living their dreams, which is more than enough for them.

Now before anyone gets all riled up thinking I’m advocating poverty a la hippie communes, puhleeze!  Pfft…it should go without saying that we all need some money to live, pay the bills, take care of our families etc., but when it becomes a misguided obsession to have more “stuff” to fill a void in your life, and when it comes complete with an unreasonable, yet deeply ingrained belief that work isn’t supposed to be fun or fulfilling, then it’s a problem.

It’s insane how many of us trudge off every day to do the same thing over and over, all while yearning with all our hearts that we could do something different, yet wrongly we believe we are doing the right and responsible thing by sacrificing our happiness, dreams and fulfillment for our families greater good.

Holy crap, have we all been horribly brainwashed by the Cult of Mediocrity?

Well yes in a way, I believe we have.  This brainwashing metaphor is to me, the practical definition of ‘Comfort Zones’ for the purpose of this blog post because it speaks to the cultural indoctrinations that influence all of us from infancy.  Let’s face it, we all have comfort zones to some degree, but some people are much more adept at changing the boundaries of their zones, while others tend to keep their boundaries very rigid and unchanged. It should be no surprise to hear me admit then that I definitely fall in the latter category; 40 years old me zones are! Argh!

Sigh…yep, even after all these years I’m still a work in progress and one day I’ll either figure out the path I want to take or die trying.  Either way, here’s hoping small changes I’m making in 2013 are gonna win me a one-way ticket out of mediocre hell!